2.5-Day Design Sprint Facilitator Masterclass in Berlin

2.5-Day Design Sprint Facilitator Masterclass in Berlin
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From Wed 23 October 2019 to Fri 25 October 2019
From Wednesday 23 October 2019 to Friday 25 October 2019
2:00 PM - 6:00 PM

In this 2.5 day Design Sprint Facilitator Masterclass you will elevate your Facilitator skills to the next level!

1. About the Masterclass

The Design Sprint Facilitator Masterclass lasts two and a half days and is aimed at people with some practical experience in moderating workshops or using Design Thinking methods. If you have only theoretical knowledge, we recommend to visit our Design Sprint Bootcamp first.

The Masterclass takes place on the basis of different real cases, which are moderated and developed by the participants during different exercises. The focus is on sophisticated Design Sprint exercises, which are developed by the participants in the context of different industries, Sprint teams and Sprint challenges.

During the Masterclass you will learn to act confidently and professionally in every situation of a Design Sprint and to guide interdisciplinary teams effectively and playfully through the process.

2. Who is the Masterclass for?

  • It’s for people who already have some practical experience in moderating workshops or using Design Thinking methods. If you have only theoretical knowledge, we recommend to visit our Design Sprint Bootcamp first.
  • The Masterclass is also aimed at moderators and coaches who want to learn how to host Design Sprints and for Design Sprint Facilitators who want to develop their skills further.

And for people with the following titles/roles:

  • Moderator
  • Coach
  • Innovation Manager
  • Project or product manager
  • Team lead
  • Design Sprint Facilitator
  • Startup founder or employee
  • UX, XD, CX Designer
  • Creative
  • Developer
  • Engineer
  • Marketeer
  • Strategy Expert
  • Business development
  • Agile Coach
  • Scrum Master

3. What you get out of it

Sprint Planning: Problem Framing and preparation of sprint challenges as well as team composition in preparation of a Design Sprint.

Develop existing skills and learn new facilitating skills by moderating challenging Design Sprint exercises based on real cases.

Abilities to ask the right questions as a facilitator during the Sprint process and to moderate conflicts in the team.

Identify weaknesses and develop strengths through continuous feedback from trained coaches and experienced facilitators.

After the Sprint: Transfer of Sprint results into actionable roadmaps for implementation in organizations or the existing structures and work processes of clients.

4. Additional offer: Design Sprint Bootcamp

In addition to our Masterclass we also offer a 2-day Design Sprint Bootcamp. In our Bootcamp you will experience how a Design Sprint works. We work together on a sprint challenge and you go through different exercises of a Sprint. We use a mix of theory and practice. In the 2-day Design Sprint Bootcamp, you'll learn how Design sprints work and how you can test new ideas faster.

The Bootcamp takes place right before the Masterclass. You can book the two trainings individually or together. They are perfectly matched. If you want to come to both trainings then use the Combo-Ticket and save 25% of the total costs. Find out more about the Bootcamp here.

5. Who is coaching you?

We are RUN A DESIGN SPRINT. We are based in Berlin and run Design Sprints everywhere. We are specialized in Design Sprints and do nothing else.

Your Bootcamp will be lead by our co-founders Christophe Maurice and Stefan Gramlich. They will share their experiences and Insights. Other senior members from our team will be present to exchange knowledge and support you throughout the training.


6. Where in Berlin does the Masterclass take place?

We believe that good ideas need a good environment. For our Masterclass we always pick nice inspiring locations. This can be, for example, a rooftop-loft with the view over Berlin or a creative workspace on the border of the river Spree. We'll let you know 5 weeks bevor the training starts where we'll be this time. Let yourself be surprised!


7. Good food matters!

Food for thought. We'll have a lot fun during the 2.5 days of the Masterclass but it will also be intense work. We'll make sure you have enough energy and feel comfortable. We'll provide yummy snacks, tasty coffee and healthy drinks. There will be lunch so you don't need to bring anything. A special highlight is our RADS Dinner on the first evening of the Masterclass where we invite everyone to enjoy some good food and socialize.

You have special culinary preferences or allergies? No worries, we'll take care of you. Before the training starts we'll be in touch to check with you to check what you need. No one will stay hungry.

8. FAQs

How many people will attend the Masterclass?

Max. 14 people, as we want to have time to focus on each one of you in your role as a facilitator.

Where does the training take place?

In Berlin. In a very nice location. We'll inform you 5 weeks (at the latest) where we'll go this time. It will be cool.

Is this Masterclass conducted in English?

Yes, it is. If you prefer German, we offer the same Masterclass one week before in Berlin in German. Check out the German-speaking Masterclass here.

Do I need to bring anything?

Please bring your smartphone and laptop, as there is an exercise that requires the internet and you need to write an interview script. Otherwise we have everything on site.

What do I have to prepare?

The Masterclass relies on active learning. Each participant has the opportunity to moderate different exercises of the Design Sprint framework. For this we have already taken into account challenging exercises and real life cases. However, the strengths and weaknesses of a Design Sprint Facilitator are very individual. Therefore, you should think about which exercises are particularly challenging for you, so that we can train these exercises together.

Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?

Yes, you can. No problem at all.

I don't have any Design Sprint experience, can I still come?

If you do not know Design Sprints in theory yet and do not have any hands-on experience moderating workshops, we suggest you visit our Bootcamp first.

Bootcamp vs. Facilitator Masterclass, what's the difference?

In the Bootcamp you learn how a Design Sprint works. Focus is on the process, the exercises and overall experience of the Sprint. You don't need any prior knowledge to attend it.

The Masterclass however, is specifically designed for people who want to learn and train the role of the Sprint Facilitator. You'll need some prior knowledge of the Design Sprint process to attend as we won't go through the entire process like in the Bootcamp. Instead, we'll focus on running Sprints from the moderator perspective.

Bootcamp and Facilitator Masterclass take place in the same week one after the other. You can come only to one of the two trainings or join both. They are perfectly matched. If you come to both, you'll get a 25% discount with our Combo-Ticket. If you are unsure which training is better suited for you then contact us via training@runadesignsprint.com. We'll help you.

Will I have the chance to ask individual questions and discuss topics with the coaches?

Of course. This exchange of opinions is very important to us. There will be group talks, and room for one-on-ones. There will be a feedback rounds with the team and and the coaches after every exercise you facilitate.

I will be traveling to Berlin, can you help me find a place to stay?

Sure thing. Berlin is our town. Just drop us a line via training@runadesignsprint.com We'll hook you up.

Will I receive a certificate at the end of the Bootcamp?

Yes, you'll receive the RUN A DESIGN SPRINT Masterclass certificate.

You have more questions?

Contact us via training@runadesignsprint.com.


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