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Last update 27/05/2018

Presented by Joachim Schultz

The pelvis is neurofascially auto-regulated from the palms of your hand and from the base of your big toe. The loading of every step you take and everything you make contact informs your pelvis, evoking and stabilising it appropriately for the job at hand.

This occurs when it is free to do so; a sense of weakness and dis-order establishes itself when it cannot.

This auto-regulation is often lost, giving way to the loss of muscle organization, compensation and symptoms.

In the fascial anatomy of connectivity, there is no such thing as an isolated weak muscle. Weakness is realized as a lack of connection to the whole.

What this workshop offers:

To feel-sense the auto-stabilising pelvic response as part of the whole regulating system.
To experience how connection of the neurofascia literally r-boots this automatic regulation.
To realise that if we self-contract isolated muscles, we are in fact interfering with this system.
To learn a sensory language and awareness to sense the state of your pelvis, and to experience a means to re-regulate the system.
To connect these neurofascial pathways in practical application to ensure the auto-regulation for a functional and healthy pelvis.

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