Culture: how to get it right w/ GitHub, Chatterbug, Bunch Founders

Thursday  14 June  2018  6:30 PM    Thursday  14 June  2018 8:30 PM
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If there's one thing you can't fake, it's your company culture.
All great startups rely on it: a common understanding of how to do things, what success means, and how you promote it. 
But culture comes in many forms. There's no right or wrong. It's up to you, founders, to pave the way ;)
"Breaking the Codes" with Scott Chacon, Co-Founder & CEO of Chatterbug, former Co-founder of GitHub
When you're starting from a blank page, you can get creative. Over the years, many startups have come up with their own philosophies that have shaken our perception of what a working environment can look like.

GitHub is a well-known illustration of this. They managed to grow explosively while retaining a very lose organisation, embracing flat-hierarchy and remote work. As one of GitHub's Co-founder, Scott will share how that played out and how he's transferred these lessons to his new venture, Chatterbug, a adaptive solution to master language skills.
"How to Craft a Growth Culture" by Anthony Reo, Co-Founder & Product at Bunch
The team at Bunch is dedicated to using the power of data and psychology to redefine the way companies work. They've decoded what growth culture means and how to find yours.
Misalignment of organisation & communication tends to grow exponentially as you scale. That's why getting culture right early is so crucial. Their Co-Founder Anthony will share insights on what are the elements of a strong culture, how to express it, and how to adapt during crucial lifecycle stages.
This event is free & totally open. Please let us know you're coming and feel free to BYOB!

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