A Day of Yoga with Swami Sukhananda

Saturday  12 January  2019  10:30 AM    Saturday  12 January  2019 4:30 PM
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The Divine Feminine: A Hidden Language Hatha Yoga Workshop - 10.30-12.30
The lotus ‘represent levels of consciousness, and the fully open flower is associated with the Buddha… Lord Buddha, who is considered “Lotus born”, and Divine Mother with her many names, are shown seated or standing on a lotus, which presents them to us as being beyond human nature.’ Swami Radha (from Hatha Yoga: the Hidden Language)
Take a step beyond Hatha Yoga with this gentle, meditative approach. Listen to the intelligence within. Experience and deepen your knowledge of the true power and mystical potential of each yoga asana. In this workshop you will explore the Divine Feminine through a variety of yoga poses, using personal reflections and visualizations to discover their hidden messages.
Please bring a Yoga Mat, a pen and a journal for your reflections.
And a lunch to share.
A Dream Yoga Workshop – 13.30-16.30
Ever wondered about the meaning of your dreams? By combining yoga techniques and practices together with an investigation of symbolism, dream yoga offers the opportunity to open up a dialogue with the unconscious mind. It is a detailed method of interpreting the messages of your subconscious to create change in your waking life.
Dreams are personal creations, and as you study them you learn the language of your unconscious. Making your own discoveries is a very encouraging and joyful process. By finding answers within, self-confidence strength and clarity can emerge.
Please bring a recent dream, written down in as much (or little detail as you can remember). Write it in the present tense and make a note of when you had the dream.
You will also need a pen and journal for reflection.
What can I bring into the event?
A Hatha Yoga mat, a journal (or paper) and pen.
Wear comfortable clothing suitable for Hatha asana practice. You will need some lunch to share.
And for the afternoon, write down a recent dream - whatever you can remember, in the present tense.
How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

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