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Last update 18/02/2018

Welcome to Deviate – a new bass heavy venture with special focus and promotion on under-represented DJ’s and producers in particular in DnB, Dubstep, Bass, Footwork, Grime, Juke, Experimental and other break-beat genres.
In a scene that is still largely male dominated Deviate is a space that is not limited to but with definite dedication on switching up line-ups, discovering, exposing and promoting female talent without objectification, arrogance, sexism or intimidation.

We are here not to exclude but to bring about a more equally weighted dance scene, simply put we are here to deviate from what has been the status quo in bass heavy genres.
Forward future thinking, acceptance and passion for what moves us all in BASS – See you on the dance floor.


Bandulera // HOCH10 // Funky Kartell// GrimeGrimeGrime // DARK REAL DARK// Hamburg bandulera/ bandulera_hoch10/

Ziaflow // Subaltern Records // Wheel & Deal Records // TUBA // GAU Company // Berlin ziaflowmusic

T I N A // Defrostatica Records // Leipzig defrostatica

Meta // Serendubity // Berlin meta_selection/

Sammy B // Bassism Records // Deviate // NZ sammybbaker/ sammybee-1

Price 6€ till midnight 8€ after

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Gerichtstraße 23, Berlin, 13347, Berlin, Germany
Gerichtstraße 23, Berlin, 13347, Berlin, Germany