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Wolperting. That sounds very Bavarian – like a little village in the foothills of the Alps. But far from it, there is no Wolperting. Just the Wolpertinger, a figment of Alpine mythology – the between a hare and duck or a squirrel and deer. Any questions? Actually no, because this essentially outlines the topic to which the “Alpine World Brass” band by the name of Federspiel has dedicated itself. The seven winds, mostly from Lower Austria and trained at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna and the Vienna Conservatory, are passionate about the folk music of their homeland: Fiakerlied, Schuhplattler, and Ländler songs. They can yodel and are masters of the Dreigesang. But their earth-bound music grows wings sometimes – like the Wolpertinger–, and then you are no longer in the Bavarian countryside, but in front of the Huldefossen waterfall in Norway, where the water spirit Fossegrim attracts young women with song and harp playing. It is a truly fabulous program, presented by seven fantastic musicians.
Supported by Wissenschaftspark Kiel GmbH

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