FensterPlatz Live - Portier Dean

Thursday  14 February  2019  7:30 PM    Thursday  14 February  2019 11:00 PM
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Last update 15/02/2019

Portier Dean legen auf ihrer Deutschlandtour einen Stopp im FensterPlatz ein. Wir freuen uns auf ein gelungene Mischung aus Hip-Hop, Rock und elektronischer Musik :-)
More info below:
Childhood friends Gildas and Gwendal began by writing
and playing simple folk songs. They later called this duo
Portier Dean. Their first EP was released in 2014.
A year later came a second EP, Made of Earth, that
displayed a more textured, more rythmic and electronic
sound that heralded a change of direction.
During two years the band toured France, a leg of the tour
taking them to Germany for a week, where they played in
small venues to enthusiastic audiences. They performed at
multiple festivals, and opened for major acts such as
Moriarty, Keren Ann, Elvis Perkins, Evening Hymns, Shake
Shake Go...
While touring, Portier Dean kept on writing new music and
experimenting with new sounds and techniques. The duo
was not afraid to stray off the beaten tracks, always eager to
step out of their comfort zone and push against their own
stylistic boundaries. From hip-hop, to electro and post-rock,
they looked into different influences which they in turn
incorporated into their music, which has been compared to
a mix between The National and Arcade Fire, or Red House
Painters... Their first full-length record, Ancient Majesty, is
the result of these unhampered experimentations: a
collection of pop rock songs that aim at the core and find
strength in delicacy.
Gildas and Gwendal enlisted Adrien Leprêtre (Concrete
Knives, Samba de la Muerte) to help them record, produce
and mix the album's ten tracks.

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