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Sunday  25 August  2019  3:00 PM    Sunday  25 August  2019 5:00 PM
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Last update 26/08/2019

Every Sunday afternoon. 

Please understand everyone here is a volunteer. Feel free to suggest where to meet, and say hi to everyone. To do that, you may chat here on Facebook, or add @LiveADeliciousLife to join Foodie WeChat group. Sorry for not having an app yet to make things easier but thanks for your attention. Cheers!

Everyone brings food to share with everyone

We will meet in the park
Lay the blanket
Place food on it
And both hands
Then the plank challenge starts
The last person planking wins
Prize is respect from all
Then we say hi to each other
Eat, plank, eat
In all, you will spend 1h with some foodies
Enjoying 3 rounds of planking every 20mins
And unlimited breathing, eating, drinking and chatting

Then, we meet every Sunday
As long as it’s sunny that day
What to bring -
Bring food if you cook at home
If not, bring a blanket / towel / mat
Topics to talk about, for reference -
To attend / create more events, go to
Foodie WeChat group
Add @LiveADeliciousLife
Foodie Facebook page

Have a delicious time at a surprisingly low price
To have a place you call home wherever you go
Invite yourself to delicious events in the neighborhoods around the globe

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Planten un Blomen
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