Garage Psych Out: Rising Dao / Halbtal / Maynard

Saturday  8 December  2018  8:00 PM    Sunday  9 December  2018 1:00 AM
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Last update 10/12/2018

RISING DAO [psych-stoner]
Rising Dao met for the first time in their mountain top dojo to make awesome psychedelic stoner rock. Due to the rising cost of the rent due to mountain top gentrification they have had to move into a practise room in Berlin. Using the teachings of Dao and ancient musical martial arts they make funky progressive stoner rock in the hope that their rock will bring peace to all and help them to one day return to their sacred dojo. Comprised of five members they use the fire of Berlin, water from the Spree, earth from the parks, wood from the forests and the metal of their resolve to make their own Dao, their Rising Dao.
HALBTAL [Math-Psychedelic]
After 4 years without committing to a musical genre where the Berlin based Trio Halbtal (or Half a Valley how they are known among their english speaking fans) could rest and nest, they are still puzzling their instrumental songs to a mosaic of post punk, krautrock, jazzy parts and something totally different.
MAYNARD [Progressive Rock-Grunge]
Maynard are playing their very own interpretation of progressiv rock making use of the classic combination of guitar, drums and bass. This is completed by vocals pushing straight forward or intertwining in two voices.

music art punk rock progressive martial arts
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Hadlichstraße, Pankow, Berlin, 13187, Deutschland
Hadlichstraße, Berlin, Deutschland
Hadlichstraße, Pankow, Berlin, 13187, Deutschland
Hadlichstraße, Berlin, Deutschland