Legal Frameworks for Autonomous Cars and Intellectual Property Protection

Monday  17 June  2019  6:30 PM    Monday  17 June  2019 9:30 PM
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Last update 18/06/2019

Litigation, LegalTech, prosecution, and enforcement are all bound to be changed by the digital transformation of legal services especially AI. Law firms can benefit from LegalTech services but also have to answer new digitization-related questions which are partly difficult to answer (e.g. autonomous driving, blockchain, Copyright infringement/Patent Laws/Trade secrets). Entrepreneurs see countless opportunities. This meetup discusses the future of legal services. 

Join the this Disrupt meetup of the digital law and LegalTech community in Düsseldorf. It aims at bringing together blockchain enthusiastic enterprises and individuals that want to get to know the technology, as well as understand how it can be used and applied.


Disrupt Meetup | Legal Frameworks for Autonomous Cars and Intellectual Property Protection

Here is the current line-up of the upcoming speakers

(1) Tianyu Yuan, Executive Director and Co-Founder, LEX superior GmbH

Tianyu Yuan has a background in both robotics and law. He worked for a leading international law firm in Frankfurt and London and was part of the firm's legal tech action group. Tianyu is co-founder and CEO of LEX superior: a legal tech startup dedicated to the digitalization of legal education and personal legal knowledge management. Besides, Tianyu is a researcher in the field of automated legal decision-making at Heidelberg University and was visiting researcher at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

(2) Patrick H. Wilkening, Counsel, Hengeler Mueller

Patrick H. Wilkening is Counsel at Hengeler Mueller, a leading independent German law firm, and advises on all aspects of intellectual property and information technology law. Patrick has an extensive track record in advising clients on complex commercial deals with a strong focus on domestic and cross-border IP/IT-related business arrangements. This includes license and R&D agreements, technology joint ventures, outsourcing and manufacturing arrangements as well as all IP/IT issues arising in M&A transactions. Patrick's practice spans many business sectors, among them life sciences, automotive, industrial equipment and facilities, software and information technology, as well as private equity.


18:30h - 19:00h: Entrance
19:00h - 19:10h: Introduction
19:10h - 19:25h: Autonomous Legal Robots - Self-Driving Cars and Automated Legal Subsumption
19:25h - 19:35h: Discussion and Q&A
19:35h - 19:45h: Break
19:45h - 20:00h: Stronger Legal Protection Puts Spotlight on Trade Secrets
20:00h - 20:10h: Discussion and Q&A
20:10h - 21:30h: Get together


Date: Monday, June 17, 2019, 18:30h - 21:30h
Venue: Hengeler Mueller, Benrather Str. 18-20, 40213 Düsseldorf

This meetup will be held in English.

Do you want to be a speaker or recommend somebody? Please make your proposal here ( and we will get back to you.

Disrupt Meetup | Digital Law and LegalTech Düsseldorf


Disrupt Meetup | Digital Law and LegalTech Düsseldorf

This community brings together Legal enthusiasts that want to get to know and understand the frameworks of the legal processes and applicable technologies current in use at legal enterprises. The Disrupt Network organizes regularly meetups and invites exciting speakers to Düsseldorf. It does not matter if you are a startup or represent a large corporation, just join the community and let your network grow with us.


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Hengeler Mueller
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