LoboLoto and Additive live at Hangar49

Sunday  24 March  2019  8:00 PM    Monday  25 March  2019 3:00 AM
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Last update 26/03/2019

Entrance by donation from 5,00€


Like a lotus, the music of Alice Lobo, aka LoboLoto is composed by a mixed of electro and acoustic drums, dubstep, triphop and dark electronic sounds, accompanied by an angelic and sometimes screaming voice.

The project was born in Italy in 2015, taking shape with the EP Lux Tua, made up of five songs lead by the single "On My Way".

Following the EP, the album "Even the Stones Fall" comes out as a sequel, which contains more scary and gloomy sounds.

After this album, she decides to move to Berlin, where she is inspired writing new, electronic songs that fit perfectly into the Berlin reality.
The single "Come Back to Life" will be out on March, 15th, as a symbol of a return that has something substantial to communicate and that evolves from the embryo of the two previous albums.


The Additive:
He started his producer career with the label Sostanze Records, publishing in 2010 his homonymous LP The Additive which gathers seven tracks made in between 2007 and 2010. The fresh and dynamic release collects 1000 downloads just on the first day of broadcast.

For the same label he produces in 2011 The Shadows Say Goodbye that expresses the musical journey in a less corporal and more emotional way.

On the trail of his new production he performs on various italian events getting up to Berlin, city where he actually resides.

The Berliner turn – besides giving him greater visibility as performer and DJ – was a step further into his artistic maturity.

The music for the audiobook “Traum A and B” are the result of a study on the 432Hz sound which culminate in the production of his last work Ætherica in 2013.

He gets delineated a new instrumental set-up which consists of synthesizers, drum machine, samplers and the inevitable laptop. But also the style who distinguish him is further more marked: the idea of sound-work for a careful and engaged listening by developing narrative and dramaturgy through the musical media.


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Hangar 49
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Hangar 49
Holzmarktstraße 15-18, Berlin, 10179, Berlin, Alemania