Menstruation workshop: discovering the power of our cycle

Sunday  23 June  2019  10:00 AM    Sunday  23 June  2019 2:00 PM
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Our women's cycle has a meaning and it is there to give us the opportunity to discover what it is unbalance in our body, what is not working in our lives and heal it. We just need to learn how to hear this message.

As so many themes about being a women, the menstruation has been cover. And therefore even being something bit that huge importance the wisdom that it has, has not arrive to many women yet.

This workshop comes from my own journey of discovering my menstruation cycle.

After being surprised of all the misunderstandings about our menstruation that there are, the lack of knowledge that has been given and the power the it has I had the will of giving space to women to speak about their cycle and get to know it better. 

In this workshop we will sit together to give space to share our stories, learn from each other, heal our wounds, connect with our wombs, get to know our cycle and how to support it and live synchronize with it, and awaken our feminine energy.

This will be a safe space and you are not obligated to do anything that you do not feel prepare to do.

Which would be the structure?

- Welcoming tea.

- Meditation to connect with our wombs.

- Introduction circle: we will introduce each other in a specific and playful way.

- Getting to know our cycle: I will make an introduction about the menstruation cycle. What is its purpose, the different phases it has and how to support each of them with food and different routines. I will give you a document with all this information more extensively, so you can keep deepening on it at home.

- Practices to trust: I will be guiding you to different practices so you can meet each other in a deep way and grow trust within all the women.

-Sharing in couples: I will be guiding you through different questions to share with your partner how is your relationship with your menstruation and which has been your journey in this sense.

- Body awareness practice: I will guide you through a body practice to awake your feminine energy and unblock the power that exist in your hips.

-Painting our wombs: to fall in love with our wombs in a playful way we will have paper, brushes and paintings to paint her. You will be able to bring it back to your home as a gift for you.

- Open circle about menstruation: we will open a the circle to share our experiences with our menstruation. I will prepare specific questions to give you the frame to express yourself but if you feel the will to share a story non related with those questions, it will be also welcome. Remember that this space is for you.

-Closing circle: a closing ceremony to gather the energy & teachings we have created for ourselves so we can feel powerful after the circle.

Who am I?

I am Marina Ollero, a woman with many passions which all interconnects in my biggest passion: women.

I am certified yoga teacher and I have studied several approaches of bodywork, from which the ones that impacted on me the most are: gaga, yoga, breathwork, theatre and tantra.

I am women's circle facilitator and I am studying at this moment Tantra for women, women's cycles and how to incorporate them in our life, practices to connect with our own pleasure and healing practices for women to own their power.

I believe in giving spaces to women where they can heal, experience themselves in new ways, share stories together, see themselves in other women stories, feel their power and realize how important their voices are.


Saturday 23 of June, from 10:00 till 14:00.

How to reserve your spot?

The spots are limited to 15 women so if you want to be sure to have yours, reserve your ticket through here.

General price: 30 Euros.

See you soon ♥

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In a woman's body
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In a woman's body
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