Oli's awakening Qi-gong class

Thursday  14 February  2019  9:00 AM    Thursday  14 February  2019 9:45 AM
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Last update 15/02/2019

Recurring event

Oli's awakening Qi-gong class
From 12 Mar 2019 to 12 Mar 2019
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Class description:
Milun Five Elements Qigong is a simple movement meditation that can be learned quickly but developed for life. Five sequences of movements that work the whole body, with particular emphasis on joint and tendon mobilization. With roots in traditional Chinese medicine, philosophy, and martial arts, Five Elements Qigong is powerful, yet calm and meditative - is a perfect complement to any existing movement practice.
Why Qigong?
• Release stress and tension
• Mobilize and strengthen the body
• Increase mental clarity and concentration
Oli has been training Taiji since 2006, when he visited China for the first time, and fell in love with internal martial arts. After four years living in Beijing, training Taiji every day and finally assisting in the instruction of new students at Milun Traditional Kungfu School, Oli returned to Europe. Master Zhang Yuxuan instructed him to continue teaching as a method of deepening his self-practice.
The class is happening every Tuesday, and Thursday morning in Studio58.
Open for all levels
First class on offer
Price: 5€

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