Online Honesty Salon

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Online Honesty Salon
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Mon 6 April 2020
Monday 6 April 2020
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Do you dream to be unapologetically you, speak your mind freely, feel your feelings and create connection as you tell the truth?

Welcome to the weekly Honesty Salon Online, a place to meet people who commit to telling how it is. If you like to design your own out loud meditation practice, ask for everything you want and explore all authentic versions of yourself together with a group that is ready to tell the truth, join us!

Honesty Salon is an evening practice that is based on Radical Honesty and is lead by trainer candidate Jura Glo.


Radical Honesty means simply to report out loud what you notice in your body, in your surroundings and what goes through your mind. It teaches you a process to get over anger and create real connection. Radical Honesty is a path that brings love, aliveness, and forgiveness into your relationships. 
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- experience how it is to tell the truth, supports others in telling the truth, and create real connection;
- learn the art of asking for what you want;
- know how to handle moments of discomfort, stay in connection to your own body and the people that matter to you;
- experience real moment by moment honesty in a small group of people.


  • If you struggle to express yourself, your true thoughts and feelings in important situations;
  • You'd like to experience more moments of here&now, unleash your energy, creativity and have more passionate life;
  • You want to get to know yourself better, your essence, needs, desires, boundaries and (dis)functional relating patterns. 
  • If you want to make new friends on the basis of honesty and self-expression.

The Honesty Salon is a real-time (radical) honesty practice within the group. If you are interested in seeing what happens but don't want to practice telling the truth, you probably won't get much out of it. Come when you are ready ;)


Are you ready? Sign up now.

Not so sure? How? Contact me to dispell your doubts and fears - workshops(at)
Not ready? Good. I want to work with you when you are ready and made a decision to take a risk and tell the truth. 


Salons are designed for a group of 16 people.



Mondays 19:00 - 21:00 

April 6, 13, 20, 27


One Honesty Salon costs 25 EUR/person
If you've done the Radical Honesty weekend workshop before, you pay 15 EUR/person (Add the Promotional code: GRADUATE to your check-out on Eventbrite or send me a message).

If you miss the salon you booked without prior notice, you cannot transfer your payment to another salon. If you miss your salon due to sickness, you can transfer your payment to one salon only.

In such a way, we strive to know how many people are coming to one salon so we can prepare the venue accordingly. Sorry for the inconvenience, and this is the best way for us to ensure that Honesty Salons are happening. 

You can register on Eventbrite or directly via, make your payment without fees and send me a message about your registration.
If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, don't hesitate to email Jura -
"Challenging and very enriching! Since it unfolds over 4 weeks, there is plenty to practice in daily life and with the group. I had the feeling that my life became a live playground for radical honesty and intimacy. Thank you for walking us further into this forest of emotions!" - Pascale Moyse

"Learning about radical honesty for me was life-changing. I have been going through a really tough time in my life and what I learned during that HONESTY SALON and with Jura's coaching has been transformational and literally saved my life. I'm still surprised how much better I feel and what closer relationships I build with people once I started talking honestly and being upfront. It's not just being honest with others, but you become honest with yourself and can go on a beautiful path of discovering yourself, who you truly are as a person." - Migle Maciunaite


Jura is a trauma-informed workshop leader and personal coach in honesty, intimacy and sexuality. She is the founder of the largest Radical Honesty community in Europe. She leads Radical Honesty in Berlin practice groups since 2014, and is a Radical Honesty trainer candidate since 2017.

She worked and learned directly from the master trainer Taber Shadburne, whose work is often called Compassionate Radical Honesty, Dr. Susan Campbell, relationship therapist, Dr. Brad Blanton, the founder of Radical Honesty, and other recently certified trainers. She's studying developmental and attachment trauma and her work is sharp in precision and gentle in nature.

Jura is coming from the background of Psychotherapy, Somatic Coaching, Tantra Yoga, Conscious Sensuality, Therapeutic Bodywork and Mindfulness, thus, providing a wide range of experiences and a safe space to experiment being as we are.

She founded a visionary organization TransformWork that aims to create spaces of transformative nature for people in order to establish and export a new culture for living, working & relating.

People have everything today, but Connection... Join our Community of Conscious Creators ♥ | TransformWork - Workshops & Retreats | Radical Honesty Berlin | Honest Dating Coach

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