Orthogonal Gardens - Loop film symphony

Friday  9 November  2018  7:00 PM    Friday  9 November  2018 10:00 PM
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Carnivorous plants, space probes and planet models, all bathed in pink LED light; a realtime film shoot featuring performers and visual artists; a contemporary symphony in homage to Ignác Semmelweis performed by the CHB Orchestra. Apex of a year-round program of the Semmelweis bicentennial Orthogonal Gardens is a culmination of three separate disciplines.
There is free entrance to the performance, however, due to limited seating capacity, please register in advance at anmeldung(at)hungaricum.de
Orthogonal Gardens is part of a year-round programme of Collegium Hungaricum Berlin commemorating the bicentenary of Ignác Semmelweis’ date of birth with independent works from separate disciplines (installation, film, and music), which nonetheless are informed by one another.
The basis of this three-stage Gesamtkunstwerk is The Gardener's Truth by Ádám Albert, a total installation that questions the current and future relationship between nature and humankind. A live film and a musical piece are the two further elements of the project, each elaborating on certain aspects of the exhibition, the former on the space, the latter on the sound material.
The Gardener's Truth, interview with Ádám Albert: https://youtu.be/Zqt0v50guAg
András Juhász (http://www.donteat.org) and his live film group are charting the unknown territory of live-camera-feedback filmmaking. Making use of the principle of the musical loop sampler they translate the mechanics of repetition and gradual addition, as well as of constant alterability into film language. From 29 October onward the group, comprising cinematographers, contemporary dancers, and media artists, takes up quarters in the CHB alongside the CHB Orchestra and begin the work on a collaborative performance.
A contemporary symphony is being composed by the CHB Orchestra – a group of seven musicians lead by Samu Gryllus – a live performance of which will accompany the simultaneous recording and screening of the film. The focal point of the programme, that is to say, an amalgamation of the three disciplines is this performance, taking place on 9 November with the help of dozens of collaborators.
A film is then made out of the sound and video footage of the evening, reflecting on the life and scientific legacy (ranging from subjects such as birth and sustainment of life to death and survival) of Ignác Semmelweis, which will be available through the booklet subsuming the programme of the memorial year.
András Juhász - director
Lili Raubinek - performer
Bea Egyed - performer
Júlia Vavra - performer
András Táborosi - filmmaker
Dávid Maruscsák - visual artist
CHB Orchestra:
Samu Gryllus - mentor
Gábor Csongrádi - guitar, electronics
Ernő Hock - double-bass
Rudi Fischerlehner - drums
Anna Kaluza - saxophone
andyvazul - dis/harmonika
Ádám Mészáros - guitar
Rieko Okuda - piano, keys
Supported by Semmelweis Memorial Year 1818-2018, Balassi Institut, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary, in association of Berlin Science Week.
Collegium Hungaricum Berlin: http://www.berlin.balassiintezet.hu/de/programm/chb-2018/2841-09-november-2018-20-00-orthogonal-gardens-loop-film-symphony/
Berlin Science Week: https://berlinscienceweek.com/programme/orthogonal-gardens-loop-film-symphony/

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