MGT Institute for Consciousness Exploration provides & publishes philosophical methods and concepts for awareness development in one umbrella organization. The intention of the MGT (Multi Genius Technology) Institute for Consciousness is to apply for each individual the best consciousness technology which is available, through whatever channels. There is more than one smart, genius idea as there is more than one kind of a being. The goal is to find one´s infinite potential and to understand life and existence through the application of the right methods with adequate support during the journey. There are new & old insights and developments on the subject of consciousness. This is a platform for publication of the different texts, articles, books, lectures and other materials which we are releasing and providing. More you can find on: www.mgtconcepts.com / www.mgt-bewusstsein.com On this FB page you will get all general informations on our course schedule, upcoming events and new publications etc. You can also join our FB group, which is a meeting point for those who are new to or interested in Consciousness Technology and those who are already applying it. The moderated group is our communication platform on the subject of consciousness technology or its application. This includes philosophical discussions, communicating wins, results and manifestations like new applications or projects stemming from insights gained in session or otherwise. We are looking forward to see you there: https://www.facebook.com/groups/74329815621/