The Devil's in the Details – Posaune, Tuba & Live-Elektronik

Tuesday  23 May  2017  3:00 PM    Tuesday  23 May  2017 4:30 PM
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Öffentliche Performance mit anschließender Masterclass (ab 17.00 Uhr) im Rahmen eines Gast-Workshops mit dem US-amerikanischen Duo "Sam & Dave’s Brass Extravaganza": Samantha Keehn (Posaune, Augustana College, Rock Island/Illinois) und David Earll (Tuba, University of Wisconsin-Platteville) zu Gast in der Posaunenklasse von Prof. Abbie Conant!

The ever-exciting duo of trombone and tuba has found a new voice in Sam & Dave’s Brass Extravaganza. Flying out of the cannon, The Extravaganza’s current season, titled The Devil's in the Details, includes an interactive program of acrobatic music for the trombone and tuba with electronic media built around a devilish theme! Sam & Dave’s Brass Extravaganza has toured and taught extensively throughout the United States, and will be concluding their 2016-17 season with performances and masterclasses in Germany.
Some of the works on their program include:
-Images from the Dark: La Grotte Cosquer – this eerie work for the low instruments explores the fantastical and hidden world of an undersea cave. What hidden mysteries and dark images are waiting within this work by Norman Bolter?
-A Howl in the Night: Blue Wolf – Brad Edward’s contemplative work for solo trombone was inspired by Joni Mitchell’s song, The Wolf that Lives in Lindsey. You will hear howls, barks, growls, and some lighter moments that allude to the Nickelodeon children’s show, Blue’s Clues.
-A Monstrous Growl: The Grumpy Troll – an aggressive work for the solo tuba evoking the grumblings and roars of a grumpy, monstrous troll. The composer and tubist Mike Forbes wrote this adventure into a Norwegian troll’s temper tantrum.
-Demonic Dancing: The Devil’s Waltz – this exciting waltz features devilishly tricky interactions between the low voices. According to composer Steven Verhelst, it is only at the end of the piece “where both players meet each other again to end a satanic journey!”
-The Ring of Fire: Dante’s Inferno – a vibrant video sonata exploring the classic text by Alighieri and composed by Stephen Rush. Join us on a journey through the dark and macabre underworld!

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