Women Circle - Earth Connection

Saturday  20 January  2018  6:00 PM    Saturday  20 January  2018 9:00 PM
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Sisters, we come together to share breathe, movement, meditation and tenderness...

Do you sleep enough and deep? How is your digestion going? The Earth element relates to our basic needs. Earth qualities help us to feed ourselves, to feel hold, to feel trust and confidence.

It's winter. Time to take care of ourselves, to slow down to integrate what happened this past year and to feel the warm support of the ground under our feet. In this circle we will experience a soft but powerful dynamic meditation to balance our energy levels, to let go of what we want to left behind and to invite what we wish to have more in our life.

Let's come together in this women circle to feel our ground and the nourishing power of the sisterhood. Together we create a sacred space within which we connect our hearts, lift our spirits and honor each other by embracing who we are. We create a space that enables each of us to be vulnerable and powerful in the same time, to empower each other, to let go what we need to leave behind, to heal our spirits, to tap into our innate wisdom and to embrace the power and beauty that is the core of who we are.

Looking forward to ground with you!


Energy exchange: 25€

Registration here:

Please reach out if money is an issue.


I'm a Céline Shakti, a Life Explorer, a Lover, a Yogini, a Tantrika and a Performance Artist. My journey started 10 years ago with Ashtanga Yoga and passion for being creative with writing. Strong women in my family introduced me early to meditation and ancient wisdom of moon and blood cycles. Art, music, shamanic inner journeys, meditation and yogic and tantric teachings are offering me an understanding of a non-dualistic world and are connecting me more and more to my inner voice, my inner wisdom and my creative life force.

​My passion for the mysteries of the body and the mind made me a Kundalini Yoga teacher as taught by Yogi Bhajan. I teach too dynamic meditations and I hold women circles to unite and nourish the sisterhood. My aim is to create spaces in which we can listen to ourselves, inside and outside, to our intuition and to our borders, so we can feel our ground under our feet, our Earth, so we can discover our own heart language.

Sat Nam


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