Womens Healing Circle - Meeting Kali

Friday  20 October  2017  6:00 PM    Friday  20 October  2017 9:00 PM
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Last update 21/10/2017

Dear sisters, once again we will be gathering, sharing tantra, breath, meditation, massage...

Let's come together in this sacred womens healing circle to embrace the joy of our inner flow and the joy of the sisterhood. Together we create a sacred space within which we connect our hearts, lift our spirits and honor each other by releasing old energies and embracing a new cycle of life.

This time we will go deeper into an intense dynamic meditation process designed to listen to our bodies, feel our pain and release stuck energies to create space for allowing the New to enter our lifes. We create a sacred space that empowers each of us to be vulnerable and powerful in the same time, to let go what we need to leave behind, to expand our hearts, to heal our spirits, to tap into our innate wisdom and to embrace the power and beauty that is the core of who we are.

Please message for more detailed informations or to book privatly here or celine@stadtkinder.net.

Energy donation will be 25 euro with 20 concession.


About the host:

Céline Shakti Kaur is a Kundalini Yoga teacher and art performer from France. With her passion for bodies, inner journeys and the mystery of the mind she is holding womens gatherings in Berlin to share her love for the Sisterhood and to serve to reconnect with Mother Earth and our infinite creative spirit through ancient wisdom.

Lisa Li cannot attend to the Womens Healing Circle anymore - the next Secret Garden of Eden gathering will be postponed to November!

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